How to tour arthur's way, leixlip, co. kildare, ireland

How to tour arthur's way, leixlip, co. kildare, ireland

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Welcome to Arthur's Way, a guide to the birthplace of Guinness, in Leixlip, Co. Discover the secret history of Guinness as we tour the sites where the legend began.

This plaque marks the location of the first Guinness brewery, leased by Arthur in 1756. The site's proximity to the river Liffey is important as a reliable water supply remains essential to brewing.

Arthur's Square was renamed after Leixlip's famous son in 2012. The two walks at the end of the square, Brewery Way and Arthur's Walk, lead you along the Liffey, a river central to Leixlip's history.

You are now in the very centre of Leixlip. It was here that Arthur Guinness travelled from the neighbouring village of Celbridge to found his first brewery in 1756.

St. Mary's was home to the religious observances of the Anglican Guinness family. The church is little changed since Arthur's time, its medieval foundation remodelled throughout the 18th century.

Leixlip Castle houses the strongest living connection, Arthur's descendant Desmond Guinness and his wife Penny. The oldest parts of the castle date from the 12th-century Norman invasions of Ireland.

Built in the 1750s, The Scouts' Den was first a penal church, a site where the Catholic peasantry came to practise a faith outlawed under British rule.

The Wonderful Barn is a folly, built by the Connolly family to provide employment for the local poor. Commissioned in 1743, it enjoys an international reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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