How to cook amazing basil tuna salad soooo healthy

How to cook amazing basil tuna salad soooo healthy

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Remove leaves from the stalk put in a bowl or into blender

Add 4 tbsp of olive oil into it

6 anchovies filets and add bit of water

Blend it all together till smooth

40 % of the dressing set aside

To the rest of dressing add 1 tbsp of hot mustard and the same amount of honey

Blend it together well

Place the plate with 40 % of dressing on a serving dish , cut roman lettuce and place it around the plate

Cook green been with bit of salt

Take bit of dressing from the plate and rub into fish

Grill some bread ( I'm using sour dough bread and German whole grain bread) use any kind u love :) don't add any oil

When green been is ready mix it with the basil and mustard dressing and add some good quality tomatoes

Mix it together

Grill tuna ( about 1.5 min each side )I have add some trout because I had not enough of tuna and I was hungry :)))

Place the green bean salad over the lettuce, break some bread and put it around it

Place fish on top of the basil dressing

.... Is amazing easy finger food that you can share with your friends

Final pic :)))

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