How to make delicious and healthy greek yogurt pancakes

How to make delicious and healthy greek yogurt pancakes

Here's all you need. (baking soda, egg (or egg whites), flour, and greek yogurt)

Put 6 ounces of greek yogurt into bowl and whisk a bit until creamy.

Add an egg or egg whites of 1 egg.

Mix that together, then add in your baking soda and flour slowly. Mix some more.

The batter will be thick...don't worry.

Optional: Add in whatever you like in pancakes! I used blueberries, almonds, raisins, some vanilla extract, and cinnamon. (you can also add chocolate, other nuts...etc...)

Heat a sprayed down griddle or pan to medium heat and spoon the batter to your desired size onto it. (they fluff up quite a bit)

When it starts to bubble on the top, flip it! These pancakes flip really easily since the batter sticks together really well.

Here's a better flip.

Stack em up, and serve with whatever you want: I added a banana, some more blueberries, and maple syrup + cinnamon. You can add confectioners sugar, butter, whipped cream...etc...

Other view.

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