How to cook french pork (with green bananas-optional)

How to cook french pork (with green bananas-optional)

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Get onion.

Cut onion in ring style

More and more rings

Get pork in pieces sized as palm

Get saucepan and make layer of onion's rings

Get chili

Put chili with salt on piece of meat on both sides

Get pepper

Add pepper

More papper

Add basil. It's optional

Meat looks like this one

Put layer meat to pan , then put layer of onion

Add to kefir a little bit. One layer. I use Activia )

Get mineral soda

Add mineral soda to pan not so much. Repeat layers of onion , meat, onion, kefir and soda till you fill pan.

It looks like this one

Mix content of pan. Close the pan. Set pan to fridge or cool place for 40 minutes or hour.

Cut tomatoes in ring style

Put foil to oven. Put meat one by one

Add layer of onion. Add chili , pepper.

Set tomato's layer

Optional. Cut green bananas in ring style. It sets spicy taste to pork.

Optional. Add green banana's layer.

Set to stove for 20 minutes in 200 degrees centigrade.

It looks like this one after 20 minutes. Take it from stove.

Add mayonnaise roads )

Close with foil and set to stove for hour or 1:20.

Extract from stove.

Add cheese

Wait for 10 minutes. You can eat it.

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