How to peach cobbler cupcakes with icing

How to peach cobbler cupcakes with icing

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Make yellow cake mix according to box with a few changes as follows

Add 1/2 cup applesauce

Use peach juice in place of water

I also use a vegan egg replacer

Cut up peaches

Spray cupcake liners

Add cake mix

Add peaches just a few to batter

Push down and cover with more batter

Cut small and I mean small strips of butter

Place on top cupcake batter, bake according to box

Let cool

Make icing, purée peaches about one peach worth

Purée peach

In a mixing bowl add one stick of butter, peach purée

Add one teaspoon of vanilla

Start adding powdered sugar one cup at a time

This is what it should look like, I used 5 cups of powdered sugar this time

Add frosting to cupcakes

And enjoy...mmm

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