How to tint your eyebrows

How to tint your eyebrows

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This is the kit I use. I'm using brown because i'm blonde and black eyebrows just looks weird on me. If you want to do a patch test, be my guest. I didn't. because I'm double 'ard I know Tisk Tisk!

Fill jar with warmish water. No exact temperature, just personal preference.

Tie hair back. Pose for camera ;)

Take Vaseline and smear it generously around your eyebrow, this will protect your skin from staining if the dye drips.

Like so. I use a cotton bid for precision. Using Vaseline around your hairline when dying your hair prevents staining too. ;)

Take first solution and dip a clean cotton bud into it, then wet your entire eye brow.

Like so

Wait about 90 seconds....

While your waiting blob a little bit of your second solution on the plastic tray that comes with the kit.

Take the end of an eye brow pencil to brush over your eyebrows.

Like so, DON'T panic about the colour/texture it will look much more natural once you've wiped it off.

Dip a cotton pad into some water and wipe off the brown scrunge. Do this straight away, it won't hurt to keep it on there. But it also won't take anymore the longer you leave it. So get it off!

Just repeat the step with some toner to just eradicate any left over solution or Vaseline.

Repeat on the other side...

DONE!! I know you can't really see the difference, but I think it's the camera. You'll be able see the difference though. Especially if you have really light brows.

Hope you enjoyed my guide! If anyone has any questions don't afraid to ask! I don't bite... Hard ;) Xx