How to use flipboard

How to use flipboard

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Search for Flipboard in Apple's App Store or Google's Play store (you may be able to find it other places but these are the main stores). Download the app and get ready to be addicted to daily reading

Flipboard has truly become my daily social magazine. Everyday i get to 'flip' through topics that interest me. I want to share with you some ways you can use this app enjoy a social web.

Click on the search icon and see "your flipboard" "accounts" and "this week". You don't need to create and account but it can help keep all your news synced together across devices can be helpful.

Search for topics you may be interested in. It can be anything from tech to recipes to cars. Write in the comments if you need any help with this.

Visit the recommended topics page to create new tiles for viewing.

Also you have recommended curators from Flipboard.

Subscribe to things you're interested in and move tiles around based on preference. I'm a news junkie so I like to have as many tiles as Flipboard permits.

Completely customize your experience so you don't have to go searching for things you are interested in they are "pushed" to you everyday like magic. I'm constantly changing topics based on interest.

Overtime Flipboard learns your interests and will even recommend stories it thinks you might be like-magic! I'd like to thanks Mike McCue for creating such a great experience and team. Look forward!

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