How to dye ombré hair

How to dye ombré hair

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Prep area and read the instructions of the bleach kit and your dye.

Brush hair free of knots. Clip your bangs back, if you have any.

Depending on what bleach kit you get, your's may need to be mixed differently. I mixed mine until it was the consistency of pancake batter.

Bleach part of your hair. Use a physical landmark to make the bleach even; I used my chin.

Let bleach sit for half of the time that your instructions recommend; I let mine sit for 10 minutes.

Use another landmark for the remaining bleach; I used my eyes. Let the bleach sit for the remaining time.

If you want to have your hair be a blonde ombré, just rinse the bleach out and skip to step 12. If you want a colored ombré though, just continue to the next step.

Depending on what kind of dye you get, you may need to get a dye bottle. I had to, because I got mine from a beauty supply store. You can pick just about any color you want.

My dye said to use on dry hair, so I just waited until the morning so it was fully dry.

Color your hair. Wait the recommended time on the instructions.

Rinse out the color until the water runs clear. Be careful, your hair will be fragile from the bleach.

After rinsing hair, use a deep conditioner. Do something to make your shower longer so the conditioner sinks in. I used one for $1 from Sally Beauty. It's on the counter.

Style hair as usual.

Top-before Right-blonde Bottom-red ombré (finished hair!)

FYI!! If you want to touch up the bleach, get help!! Ask a friend that knows what they are doing. I completely over processed mine, since I did this twice.

If you have any questions, just ask. And this is my first guide, so thank you for bearing with me.



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