How to create soft dog foodfor elderly dog

How to create soft dog foodfor elderly dog

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These are the bags I'm stuck with... 3 bags 15lbs each!

My elderly dog penny 13 years young and counting, who inspired creAtive solutions

Add 4 cups ( that's how much she eats, could be amount you need) to the blender, without anything more, just the dry dog food

Pulse the blender on high speed( on and off) and mix with a spoon during intervals. It should start looking something like this!

This is how it should look when your done, like corn meal out texture, a bit grainy

Add 4 cups of water. It will look like soup, but magic starts to happen! Get a designated dog only spoon and stir

It will start to thicken as you stir, keep stirring...

It will get to canned dog food consistency . Penny loves me again and is able to chow down without difficulty :) I add spoonfuls of canned food at times to spice it up for her at times HA ;)

Penny approves :) I use this brand as she has a kidney condition and its all she can tolerate. Has bought 5 years of life and counting ! Other brands I've used for my other dog do not work the same :(

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