How to paint kurt cobain with your fingers

How to paint kurt cobain with your fingers

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Anyone can paint a portrait if you know the right technique. Here i will show you how to paint a picture of Kurt Cobain with my fingerpainting technique.

First, wet your canvas. I use a brush & combination of Bob Ross liquid white and liquid black in order to put a thin, even layer of gray on the canvas. This ensures that all your colors will blend.

Next, I outline his face using my index finger and some light brown paint.

I add the background by scrubbing in a darker brown with my thumb. I then take medium brown and work in some shadow on the neck.

I combine a dark green and brown together with my index finger and scrub in Kurt's sweater. I feel the shadow on his neck needs to be warmer so I add some red and yellows.

I continue with the dark mixture and even add a little black. I finish the sweater and while my fingers are dirty add a little to the background to bring the figure closer to the viewer.

With a clean hand, I scrape a few ribs on the neck of the sweater. I start to add some shadow to the face. Clean the hand once more and add hair with yellows and reds.

I use my pinky and the medium brown to get Kurt's mouth the way I want it. Remember, less can be more in a painting. Don't kill yourself over each tooth.

Once I have a mouth I like, I use that to measure and place the nose. As I am going I am fixing minor things that bug me along the way.

I finish the nose and some more minor touch ups. I view the painting close up and across the room to make sure I am happy with it while it is still wet. If I am, I sign it with my pinky.

That's it. Some oil paints, a canvas, and some supplies from Lowe's and you are an artist! Thanks for viewing and follow me for more tips and cool projects.

Lowe's : Never Stop Improving

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