How to make potato crusted fish

How to make potato crusted fish

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Wash and peel your tator. This is mainly for the look of it. You'll see what I'm sayin'.

Now I realize not everyone has one of these deadly beauties but they really are the best for making paper thin slices. So if you have one set it up and get your cowboy hat.

You'll want to make sure you're at the very thinnest setting.

Safety first. I'm going to suggest that you never use your hand to slide the potato, but if you're feeling froggy ……… Jump. Good Luck :-)

What you're looking for is almost sheer, but not quite. You'll want to taste the potato you see.

Focus! I know potato chips would be awesome right now but that's not what we're here for.

Cut your fish into about 3 inch filets, orrrrrrrrrrrrr leave it in tact and flex on those (insert favorite expletive here) when you present a crazy awesome main dish.

Yep just like shuffling.

Throw some salt on it. Now I don't want to tell you what to do but one could if one wanted to, insert an herb or other such nonsense right now quick before the …

Ohhh too late. The folding started already.

Make it pretty.

Wow! You did such a good job!

Make sure they are snug and as dry as possible, and by dry I mean not dripping fish or potato juice. This is important for the frying process.

If you have non stick use it! Don't be a stainless steel hero.

Add you orl (that's me speaking in Paula Deens voice).

When your oil is hot (350 or so) gently but quickly and using a spatula put your filets in and let them cook for a good 3-5 mins before flipping because what you want to see is …

This. Yes I know.… What's that?… You're very welcome!… I know it's fish wrapped in potato chips.

And there you are darling. And here's a little something extra for you, yes dear … that magic sauce is equal parts ranch dressing, mayo and franks red hot. Charming.

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