How to create a color blocked baby blanket with "piping"

How to create a color blocked baby blanket with

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Collect your materials: your overlock thread for piping and two colours of fabric. Be sure to pre-wash your fabric.

While you wait for your fabric to be washed and dried do fun stuff like collect all your tools or change the threads on your machine for your project!

Once dried, prepare to measure and cut your fabric by ironing first.

Once ironed, match up you selvedge edges so you can measure your fabric and cut both pieces to the exact size. You can do a large square, rectangle, your choice!

My pink piece measured 30x42 - I cut my pewter piece down to that size. Start pinning all your edges together. Flannelette can be tricky, so be sure to continuously smooth fabric as you pin.

Once pinned, you can cut your larger piece down to size ...

... And non-selvedge edges can get frayed in the wash, so take time to trim away and clean them up too!!

Almost done! Time to get started on the final step: "piping" your blanket. I'm using a rolled hem setting in contrasting yellow thread to create this look.

Before you start working your project, do a test run! Using scraps, I have the fabric lined up to the "R" on my machine for a nice "roll"!

Check it! Looks good to me ...

Start working your fabric through your machine (remember to remove your pins!) and complete all four sides.

Once you have serged all sides, it will look like this. See the trail of yellow thread on the corner there? Snip those off all corners.

You have measured, trimmed, serged and snipped! You are done!!! Yay. Aside from washing time this blanket took less than 30 minutes!!! And it only cost approximately $12 with leftover flannel/thread.

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