How to cook mash potato with meat

How to cook mash potato with meat

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10-12 potato,1 green pepper,2 onion,1 teaspoon of Soya sauce,1 teaspoon ketchup,butter,1cream,and any cheese u like.

Meat ,this is one piece but when u cook it,it will become small ones.

Wash the potato

Put in large cooker ,full of water and leave it with the potato in for almost half an hour.

Chop onion ,pepper

Take off the potato's Peel.

Mash the potato

Put the butter on the microwave for 1 min

Add it on the mash potato with salt and pepper

Add cheese


Add the onion

Green pepper

And add the meat

Soya sauce



Cream 3-4 teaspoon


Prepare ur dishes

Rub the butter all over the plate

First we make a potato layer ,like this

Then a meat layer

Then a potato layer,and then we ll hv 3 layers

Add cheese at top


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