How to cook delicious lemon-parmesan pasta

How to cook delicious lemon-parmesan pasta

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Hello all :) this recipe is very easy and delicious ... Put some pasta in the boiling salted water and something special look next step ...

In the water for pasta I add the waxy end of Parmesan just to give the flavour of Parmesan to the pasta , it won't melt so you will need to remove it before serving

In a other pot grate 80g of Parmesan add 2 egg yolk ( I have added 3 because they were very small ) and 8 tbsp of olive oil

Mix it all together ( this is not on a hob ) just on a side this will cook when you add hot pasta to it :)

Bash hand full of fresh basil and add to the pot

Mix it together

Grate 1 lemon zest and add to the pot too

Squeeze half of lemon juice to it .... Have a try and see if u need more lemon is should be dominant flavour but not overpowering

Add pepper and salt to your taste

When pasta cooked add to the egg and Parmesan mix ( don't drain the pasta bit of water will combine the mixture together )

Mix it up well

Serve with some fresh basil and extra Parmesan drizzle with olive oil and serve with glass of white wine :) is amazing in taste and refreshing :)))))

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