How to give your medicine cabinet a new look

How to give your medicine cabinet a new look

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Medicine cabinet removed from wall with all hardware and removable pieces taken out. Make sure the cabinet is cleaned well with alcohol before you start to paint.

I used a matte grey paint and small roller brush to apply paint to inside. I do not suggest using this matte paint because the finished texture isn't very pleasing to touch.

Make sure to paint the edges of the medicine cabinet that will still be visible after it is reinstalled if you want the new color to be visible when it's closed.

The hardware and shelves I painted on the tarp with a brush in a yellow color that I used to stripe the bathroom. This wasn't very easy and it takes forever for them to dry.

The cabinet was reinstalled after the paint dried.

I painted the edge of the medicine cabinet because I like the grey and yellow contrast.

I installed the shelves after I thought they were dry but you can see a little paint came off when I was putting them in.

This is how I simply gave my new bathroom a little kick with leftover paint. Totally worth it.

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