How to make a dog bandana

How to make a dog bandana

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Get your supplies together. If you don't have an available sewing machine, you can sew by hand instead.

I Cut about a square foot of fabric for a bandana for small dogs. The bigger your dog, the bigger the square you will need.

Fold square of fabric in half.

And in half again. This is to make sure your pieces are symmetrical.

Draw on a triangle at the corner of the piece, where there are no open ends. Mark off one corner of the triangle, where there are 2 folded sides.

Cut out.

This is how the fabric should look

Fold down the sides a little bit.

Then sew. I am terrible at sewing as you can see.

Fold in half again so the ugly side is out. Make sure everything lines up.

Pin to hold in place while sewing.

See those arrows? Don't sew there. Only sew around the point of the triangle.

Like this. Not too bad this time.

Then you need to turn it right side out. Pull the inside through one of the holes and keep pulling till its all through.

Last you need to sew across the bandana at the bottoms of the two holes to make it easy to slip the collar through.

And you're done! Slip the dog's collar through the top part of the bandana and put the collar back on your dog! No worries of it being too tight, or falling off:)

Here is another one I made for my dog. These make great gifts for friends with dogs, which is what I did with the green one. Good luck!

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