How to give an old desk new life

How to give an old desk new life

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I began by painting my desk with a basecoat. I am unsure what it was called but its special paint to prep lacquered wood for actual paint.

Desk before.

Painting the prepcoat.

I measured the top of my desk and worked out a plan and measurements for my design. Then I began cutting out the paper squares. I also began painting.

Squares of scrapbook paper.

Painting the desk. I used normal house paint and went to the paint shop and bought testers.

When the desk was fully painted and dry I began sticking the paper squares on the top. This was done by painting the desk with craft glue. I used a paintbrush for even coverage.

Sticking squares down.

Once all glued down I then painted a thin layer if modpodge over all the squares. This creates a varnish. I did this maybe 4 times for extra protection. I also used a varnish spray after this.

Finished product! Tabletop.

Finished product!

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