How to bake smoked basil chicken

How to bake smoked basil chicken

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I'm using drum sticks. You can use whatever pieces you like.

Seasonings. I don't measure, I shake :). The liquid smoke gives the meat that grilled, smoked taste. Notice I'm not using salt. The garlic pepper has salt in it.

Rinse chicken & place in baking dish. The first thing I do is splash on the liquid smoke on both sides of the chicken. The flavor will seep into the chicken & make it tender as well.

Next season with garlic powder, garlic pepper, & basil leaves.

Cover dish with foil to seal in the moisture.

Bake at 375 degrees for 1 hour. The liquid smoke makes the house smell like you're barbecuing right in your kitchen! Aaahhh!!!

One hour later & you are ready to enjoy tender, smoked basil chicken! Thanks for watching =)

I noticed this was cut out of the pic with the spices. This stuff is like liquid gold!

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