How to cook linguine with crab white wine & tomato sauce

How to cook linguine with crab white wine & tomato sauce

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Mince shallot, garlic pre-heat olive oil in large sauté pan medium heat

Finely chop 2 tbls parsley & set aside.

Chiffon slice basil leaves & set aside.

Grind celery seed & fennel seed while sweating shallot & garlic with med-low heat.

Add marjoram, oregano, thyme to seeds then sauté with soft shallot & garlic for I minute increasing heat to medium.

Add diced tomatoes, chicken broth, water & white wine to pan bring to boil & simmer 20 minutes.

Add crab 5 minutes before serving with lemon juice, salt & pepper to taste

Add fresh linguine to boiling water cook 2 minutes till al'dente While pasta is boiling stir in fresh herbs (parsley & basil) to sauce.

Drain pasta top with sauce & a pinch of fresh basil & enjoy. Serves 4

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