How to turn a room divider into a headboard in a "snap"

How to turn a room divider into a headboard in a

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This used to be my beloved sleigh bed...until I got married & my 6'5", 250lb husband started sleeping in it every night & it broke :(. We were ONLY watching TV in bed..seriously.

So what was a girl to do? Especially one that is used to having a headboard?? So I started looking around the house for ideas. I couldn't deal with just a bed frame. And then *ding*!!

There it room divider! I was using it to hide my treadmill, which is in my living room. Not any more! (I blotted out our faces so you all could focus on the divider.) See it? :)

My husband moved the divider upstairs, opened it flat against the wall & voila!! My new headboard! I am once again a happy girl! Dividers come in various colors/patterns & make for cheap headboards!



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