How to cook toblerone shortbread cookies

How to cook toblerone shortbread cookies

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Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Start with room temperature butter. If it is too cold, just beat it first with your mixer to soften up before adding the sugar.

Back to the sugar and butter. Whip it good!

Like this.

Add salt, flour and corn starch a little at a time and beat until light and well combined.

Like this.

Grab a tablespoon full (or get fancy and measure out with one of those mini ice cream scoops) and roll into a ball in your hand.

Squish a bit flat.

Place it on a non stick pan (no need to grease, there's all that butter in there). Make sure you leave lots of room for expansion.

Now push a toblerone triangle into the top. If you want to be extra fancy make another ball and squish it on top to hide the chocolate surprise inside! I was lazy (and wanted more cookies) so I didn't

Bake in a preheated 375*F oven for 12-15 mins. Till the edges turn golden.

Now this is the hard part. When they come out of the oven you must resist the urge to touch them! Let them cool completely before trying to move them or they will break! :( you have been warned! ;)

Enjoy! :)

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