How to groom a horse

How to groom a horse

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Using the curry comb, firmly rub the horse in circles. Don't worry about hurting the horse, it feels just like a massage to them. The goal of this step is to loosen up dirt and bring it to the top.

Using the stiff brush, make flicking motions to get all of the dirt (that you brought to the surface with the Currycomb) off. You should be able to tell whether you are done if there is no dirt left.

Use the soft brush to get any remaining dirt off and to add shine. Brush the horses legs and face with this brush. Be sure the soft brush isn't to hard though.

Use one corner of the damp cloth to wipe off any 'eye boogers'. Use the other corner to wipe any mucus off the horses nose/nostrils. Don't use the same corner. That's pretty disgusting.

To pick a horse's feet, you should stand facing their hoof, and bend down so they don't have to pick their feet up so high. A horse's hoof is pretty heavy, so don't drop it.

Using the metal pick end, pick out any built up debris. Then use the brush end to clean off any dust and finish off the job.

Use the plastic comb to comb through the tail. Start at the bottom and work your way up. You can tell if you're done if you can run your fingers through and they don't get caught.

Sorry for the super bad quality. Using the plastic mane comb, comb through the mane. It should be a lot easier than the tail.

Haha. Your horse might not stay clean for long. But he/she will look pretty and feel good while it lasts! :) Hope you enjoyed this guide. Please follow! - Emma xx

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