How to share photos using photo stream on ios

How to share photos using photo stream on ios

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Tap Photo Stream on toolbar

Tap +

Then type the recipients email and the name of the album and if you want people without an iOS device or people who's email addresses you don't know can just use a public website link.

Then you should be taken back to the main photo stream page you should be able to see the album you just created tap it

You should see this screen tap add photos on the main menu bar

Select the pictures from your camera roll and then tap done

Next you should see this screen but not with my photos yours your are now streaming those pictures you can make changes at anytime and I will do the same thing for everyone who is in the stream

To find out information and add followers to your photo steam that the photo stream arrow

Then tap edit and tap on the album you want to see info about

Here you can share the link add subscribers and change the name of your photo stream

Once your photo stream album is set up any can comment or like your photo stream pictures and your will get a notification

For more help or anything else email me. [email protected]

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