How to create a pancake tree

How to create a pancake tree

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I wrote a children's book entitled, "The Pancake Tree". I had a librarian's conference coming up and I wanted to stand out from the crowd by making a unique maquette of the pancake tree.

I found a purple sequenced halloween decoration for the base of the Tree. I then cut sheets of screen metal mesh, rolled those pieces to look like branches, and proceeded to cut my hands to pieces.

Then I added ready made paper mache because I am lazy. I smeared liquid paper goo all over sharp wire mesh to replicate branch effect.

Then, I added clay to smooth out rough parts? this clay dried overnight, no need to cook it.

I then added real twigs because it didn't seem to resemble real tree branches, so much as it did a tendril-like mess.

So far, the whole thing looked like crap.

I pulled out all the clay, wire mesh, etc. and hurled it into the trash. At this point my entire family has written me off as emotionally disturbed.


got out my drill and drilled small holes all over the top of the purple halloween decoration.

I then took clay that dries overnight and wrapped it around the small branches and made the diameter of each branch gradually larger to be thicker like the tree trunk.

I then jammed small real branches into the holes.

Next, I found bags of real moss at Michael's Crafts Store, and spray-painted clumps with orange and yellow.

I use a dry brush technique on the tree stump. Start with almost black acrylic paint...

Then add just a slighter lighter version of color scrubbing across texture of the stump.

Paint lighter and lighter versions of brown, but scrub most of the paint off the brush and really scrub what is left onto the dry surface. You will get an amazing layering of color with more coats.

I then glue the clumps of moss onto the tree with tacky spray.

Then I made a ridiculous amount of very real and very small pancakes. Use an eyedropper to lay them on the grill nice and petite.

After spraying tiny pancakes with canvas protectant (to avoid moldy food) I glue them with super glue into tree moss.

Here is the final version. To read my book, go to or purchase it on ibooks for iPad or on!

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