How to make egg rolls-hmong style

How to make egg rolls-hmong style

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Gather your ingredients.

Soak the bean thread noodles in warm water.

Shred cabbage and slice onion thinly but does not have to be fine. You can add more or less of what you want.

Drain your noodles well or else you will have some very wet fillings. Cut them into smaller strands.

You want to mix really well so the meat and sauce is evenly distributed.

Thaw and gently pull the wraps apart so they won't rip but if they do, just roll it they way I did in the picture. Wrap tightly to avoid soggy egg rolls. No one wants soggy egg rolls!

You can make small ones by cutting the wraps diagonally. Roll the same way but with smaller filling portion.

Deep fry in vegetable oil. I used a deep fryer set to 350. You can do it on the stove top too. When they are golden and floating, they are done. If they are brown but not floating, turn down heat.

Place paper towel to absorb the oil. Stand them up to better absorb ans strain oil.

Enjoy while hot!

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