How to make lomo saltado

How to make lomo saltado

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Cut meat into small strips and cut out fat

Peal potatoes

Add a half teaspoon of cumin, a teaspoon of pepper and a teaspoon of salt

Slice up two red onions and a white onion

Rinse off and slice potatoes

Slice one and a half bell peppers

Cut up three tomatoes

Put three teaspoons of oil in frying pan and wait for it to get hot

Once the oil is hot add the meat

Dry potatoes and then add to fryer with oil

Remove potatoes when cooked, pat dry with paper towels and add salt to taste

Remove meat from pan once cooked

Add onions and green peppers to pan

Mix half a cup of yellow mustard with a teaspoon of aji amarillo sauce and one teaspoon of lime for sauce for the patatoes

Add tomatoes to vegetables once they are cooked

Add meat to vegetables shortly after tomatoes are put in the pan

Add some cilantro to the pan

Serve with rice

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