How to make a colored silhouette picture with paper frame

How to make a colored silhouette picture with paper frame

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Gather your supply I am using A4 paper and tissue paper and I'm just drawing on a picture not using a template

Draw up how big u want ur picture to be, including the frame (doesn't hav to be square)

Cut it out

Draw up your template

This one's pretty complicated but I think it also looks really good if it was simpler

Like this

Cut out your design/template

Make sure u keep the bits that is the background not the drawing, take care that u don't throw out the bits that might not be connected to the main part

Glue it on to the white paper

Leave lots of space around it

Erase pencil marks if u hav any very carefully

Cut around it leave about 1cm

U can just leave it like this (i think I'm going to)

Or to make the frame, cut the corners off (pretend this it the proper picture :P)

Fold in the sides

Glue it down


Enjoy :)

Cos the tissues paper was light it was hard to see the outline from far away, so I outlined it with pen

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