How to cook broken jasmine rice

How to cook broken jasmine rice

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Broken Jasmine rice is supposedly the lesser quality of rice, but it is sometimes preferable depending on what you eat it with. Two benefits are that it is cheaper and it takes less time to cook.

A necessary tool would be a strainer. I bought this one from the dollar store just for rinsing grains and rice.

Measure as much rice as you like. However much you measure will be matched by the amount of water you add into the pot.

I'm starting with a cup.

Dump your cup of broken rice into the strainer.

Now give it a bath. Get it all wet.

Place your rinsed rice into plain old pot.


Now, like I said, we are going to match the amount of rice with water.

Add an equal amount of water to the amount of rice that is in the pot.

You can redistribute the rice by shaking the pot around gently.

Turn the heat on high. We want to bring mixture to a boil.

Medium-low is fine.

Set a timer for 10 minutes.

For the sake of illustration here is a lid. Put a lid on the pot.

After 10 minutes I have uncovered the rice and here it is.

Although the bottom layer could be stuck together and possibly stuck to the pan, its okay. Scoop out what you can from the top and place on a serving dish.

One great quality of broken rice is that it soaks up whatever sauce you have to put with it very nicely.

Top with curry or whatever else you like to eat with rice. I usually don't make the rice until I know the rest of my food is almost done.

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