How to upcycle a lamp

How to upcycle a lamp

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Find a lamp base you already own that you want to upcycle.

Next, put down your newspaper or other material you're using to paint on. Grab your lamp base, paint brush, and paint.

Shake up your paint and start painting your first coat on the entire lamp base. I usually go with the curves when it's not a straight piece. As you can tell I just paint anywhere I have enough room.

The first coat always looks a little scary. Don't worry, it'll look great.

Wait for the paint to dry. Chalk paint dries very quickly, I normally check it within an hour to see if its dry to the touch.

After you've determined the first coat of paint is dry, paint on your second coat.

Check back after approximately 1 hour to see if your paint is dry. If it is dry, grab your sanding sponge. Skip sanding if you want you keep all the brush strokes and do not want any distressing.

As you can see, mine is well loved.

Chalk paint will show brush marks. This works well with a lot of styles, but if you would prefer a smoother cleaner look, lightly sand over the piece with your sanding sponge.

If you want to distress the piece, use the sanding sponge to sand areas where there would be normal wear and tear. Or, you can take a damp rag and rub the areas you want to remove paint.

As you can tell, I left a lot of the brush strokes and sanded the edges to distress it a bit. I did give the piece a light overall sanding.

After you're finished sanding, wipe the lamp base down with a rag to remove the dust. Next, grab a new clean rag or paint brush and your clear wax.

I used this wax, but I also have Fiddes & Sons that I like as well.

Take your rag or paint brush and lightly dip into the wax. Spread a light coat over the entire lamp base. While the wax is still wet, take another rag and remove any excess wax.

Following the instructions on your wax, buff when ready.

Grab your new shade and a light bulb and your lamp is ready.

From start to finish.

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