How to lose weight! healthy weight loss + motivation pt

How to lose weight! healthy weight loss + motivation pt

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2 whole eggs. Protein and fats are essential for your development. Yes it does contain some bad fats in the yoke but your body needs and wants whole foods.

Some cherry tomatoes and a small amount of cheese. Never starve your body from nutrients as your body won't loose weight.

You can choose to add brown rice or low GI RICE, to supply your body with sustainable energy. Eating 1/2 a cup per meal is enough to help with bulking. No rice after 3pm for WeightLoss.

Slight spray of oil 1 second only.

Broccoli or Broccolini is very healthy. Add real chilli for a boost to metabolism and speed your fat loss. Mushrooms and capsicum to supply your body with a range of veg. Onion for flavor.

Chicken tenderloins as they are juicer than breast and less fat than thigh fillets

Seared to perfection

Don't overcook your vegs, as your food will loose it nutrition value.

You can add some lite soy sauce or spices to give some flavor. Don't over do it with sauces as they can add unnecessary calories to your diet


Add chicken

Drinking lots of water will help your body carry and transfer all the nutrients to all your major organs and help with development and WeightLoss . I drink between 4 - 6 litres everyday!

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Take a high quality protein after working out. This will help with muscle development and repair.

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