How to make a healthy coconut protein shake. lose weight

How to make a healthy coconut protein shake. lose weight

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Today I'm going to make a yummy, healthy shake. On the way I'll give hints if you want to make it healthier. Or if you want to increase the carbs to help stack on some extra muscle.

The ingredients you will need. You can adjust to add more strawberrys, banana or raspberries to your liking. No raspberries? Try cherries/blueberries/ other berries I you like.

There are so many variation of shakes you can make. If you are focusing on losing weight you want to make it as healthy as possible. Limit the sugar and carbs. Want to gain weight the increase carbs.

Add an egg to up the protein. Note:eating a raw egg might pose a health concern, If you feel comfortable eating raw blended egg you can. This step is for the brave. It must be safe if Rocky did it.Lol

Why do you need more carbs to create muscle? Your body loves carbs, but if you lack carbs, your body will use proteins. Proteins are stored in your muscles. So it will making them or limit growth.

Cut the coconut, use a big cleever with a lot of weight behind it. If you don't you won't get through the shell. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FINGERS

Pour the liquid goodness into a bowl. I found this pot better than the plastic bowl I was using. MAKE SURE YOU CUT IN A BOWL/POT, NOT ON THE FLOOR OR BENCH. Juice will go everywhere if you do.

Prep the strawberrys

Okay let's get started

Add your cut strawberries

Add berries

Add banana. Break it up.

Add coconut juice(half of the coconut juice)

Add about 50 - 100ml of lite milk. Don't need to add milk, But I think it tastes better with.

Add your protein, add double if you like, but if you add more, you will be consuming more calories. ADD PROTEIN AFTER LIQUID, OR IT WILL STICK TO THE BOTTOM!

Add Egg if you want the extra protein

Ummm yummy, blend for 30 seconds

You will be surprised how lite and tasty this shake is!

Serve up and drink.

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