How to make a birdhouse decoration from a book

How to make a birdhouse decoration from a book

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Note: The birdhouse I made was finished about a month before I found Snapguide. The end result will differ from the pictures in the other steps.

Note II: this birdhouse decoration was inspired by please go check out her blog! It's amazing!!

Make sure you have all the supplies... And that youre ready for extreme folding!! :D

Take your book and begin to fold it like this (top right corner to inside)

Continue folding until your whole book is done (It WILL expand and you may eventually need to take the cover off; I did on my completed one just to make the process easier)

Once you are done folding the book one way, go back to the beginning and fold bottom right to middle. (Tired of folding yet?) :)

Go to the next page and fold the entire right side into the center.

Repeat the last two steps until your entire book looks similar to this (*remember, Im only doing part of this book to save time)

OPTIONAL: for the roof, pull pieces off of the pinecone.

Put some hot glue on the back of the pine cone piece and glue it tothe bottom of your roof. Go all the way across the row. When you filled that up, make a row above it and continue.

Heres where a big jump occurs from my completed example to the duplicate. Differences: 1) I cut out a hole and colored it black with sharpie 2) I made paper birdies (next tutorial)....

3) I made a nest of scrapbooking paper scraps & raffia, which you can find at walmart.

It will eventually end up looking like this! :) If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please let me know! :) thanks guys!

If you attempt it, I would LOVE to see it! Please upload it to twitter and mention me (@fhfreak13). thanks and happy crafting! :)

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