How to build a stronger core from the ground up

How to build a stronger core from the ground up

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Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before attempting any exercise.

The "core's" primary function is to resist movement, NOT create it. To build a strong core we need to start with a good foundation first.

Lets start with a pelvic tilt. Low back problems start when we are unable to separate the lower back from the pelvis and hips. Instead we tend to use them as one. This will teach you pelvic control.

Start lying on your back with knees bent.

Next lets do a plank hold. For a plank you should familiarize yourself with "bracing". When you brace you want to tighten your stomach as if someone is going to punch you in it.

If your feel this in you low back, you are doing this incorrectly. This means that you need to adjust the position of your spine. You can do this by squeezing your butt and "crunching" your stomach.

Some people tend to extend hips using there low back. Remember, your low back is meant to resist movement and stabilize, not create it. This is what you should NOT do, in the next slide.

To teach the body the difference we will use the Glute Bridge.

When performing a glute bridge keep your core engaged or braced.

This exercise targets your glutes. But it also serves to support your low back. Learning to separate hip extension from low back hyper extension will help you build a strong, functional core.

Last lets do a side plank.

When doing a side plank, no part of your body should be touching the ground except your elbow and feet. Keep you core engaged and squeeze your butt.

If a full side plank is too difficult you can start with a modified side plank.

For the pelvic tilts perform 3 sets of 10 to 12, and really focus on how it feels. For the glute bridges do 3 sets of 15 to 20. Make sure to keep your low back from performing the movement.

For the planks you want to do these 3 sets for time. Hold as long as you can until form breaks down. Form breaks when your hips sag and/or you can't stop shaking.

Planks/ side planks should be held for up to 1:30 seconds. After that you are ready to move on to more advanced exercises.

On a side note, it took me several tries to record the intro...hahaha! This stuff is new to me :) See next slide.

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