How to cook delicious stewed rhubarb

How to cook delicious stewed rhubarb

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Cut the both ends off the rhubarb stalks and wash to remove dirt. Make sure all the leaves are cut off because the are poisonous. Only the stalks can be eaten.

Cut the washed stalks into segments.

Place the cut stalks into a large and preferably non stick pot.

Add a generous amount of Brandy (about a quarter of a 700ml bottle) - bottom shelf stuff will do fine. Can use Black Rum or something similar as an alternative.

Squirt in a couple of table spoons worth of vanilla paste. Alternatively you can also use a couple of vanilla beans.

Grate in some nutmeg using a fine grater. One or two teaspoons worth.

Add four or five dessert spoons of brown sugar. Rhubarb can be sour, so if you don't like sour then add more sugar.

Throw in a piece of Cassia bark for flavour. Just make sure you don't try to eat the piece of bark after it is cooked :-)

With all the ingredients added, the pot should now look something like this. Note - you do not need to add any water because the rhubarb will release water as it cooks.

Stir the ingredients together and place on stove on high heat.

Continue to gently stir the rhubarb as it cooks. The alcohol from he Brandy will evaporate and the rhubarb will release water as it cooks.

As the rhubarb boils it will soften and start to break into strands.

Continue to stir the rhubarb to help the pieces break down.

You can also squash some against the side of the pot to help it along ;-)

When the cooking is finished it should look like this. Put it aside somewhere to cool.

Serve with custard, yoghurt or ice cream and enjoy!

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