How to poach eggs on toast with bacon

How to poach eggs on toast with bacon

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Add enough water to the pot to completely submerge the eggs.

Heat up the water to boiling.

While the water boils, toast your bread. I put some faux butter on mine.

Also while the water boils, place the bacon on the stove. It'll get done cooking by the time you're done poaching. I'm using turkey bacon as a healthier alternative.

At a boil, turn the water down to a simmer.

As the water starts to simmer go ahead and put in the white vinegar, it helps keep the egg together in the water.

Let the egg simmer for two to two and a half minutes.

While it poaches, get your plate ready! I put my bacon on my toast, yum.

Voila, a delicious, healthy breakfast! Enjoy :)

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