How to make a chocolate avocado and spinach smoothie

How to make a chocolate avocado and spinach smoothie

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Halve your avocado. I find this give the smoothie a real creamy texture and its full of good oils as well. Try use an organic avo when you can.

1/4 a ripe banana. It adds the fruity taste to the smoothie.

About a cup of blueberries. This gives the smoothie its flavor and its sweetness. Also full of good stuff and low calorie as well.

Now add your spinach... I usually buy 150g bags of spinach from my local supermarket and use the whole thing. It adds texture to the smoothie and with the berries and banana you don't taste it at all.

Next is coconut water... You can buy whole coconuts and crack them open to extract the water or if you want to keep it simple and quick just use tetra packed coconut water. I use cocobella brand.

Last ingredient and one of the key additions is chocolate rice protein powder. This with the berries and banana gives the smoothie the chocolate berry flavor...

Now it's time to blend it all... There is an order to it stacking the blender.

Add items in the following order. 1. Berries 2. Spinach (half). 3. Banana. 4. Avocado. 5. Coconut water. 6. Protein powder. Blend all for about 60-90 seconds. Add remainder of spinach while blending.

The finished blend looks like this... It's a green chocolate color and its tastes just like a berry chocolate smoothie... I love them and have been taking them for breakfast daily for about 3 months.

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