How to rock your scarves

How to rock your scarves

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Pick your favorite scarf. I really like this green one because it's really long and thick, so I can do a lot with it.

Start by folding your scarf in half

Drape the scarf over your neck, as pictured, making sure it's still folded in half.

Take the side that isn't folded and pull it through the gap in the folded side

Tighten and adjust...and Voila!

Option 2: Drape your scarf over your neck so that the tails are hanging behind you. Think old Hollywood glamour queens :)

Take the two ends and cross them over one another at the back and bring them back to the front. You can stop here and wear your scarf like this...

Or loosen the scarf around your neck and...

Pull the tails over the top of the loop around your neck. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Pull one of the tails through the gap between the other tail and the loop, like so.

And done! This one is my favorite because it doesn't move around too much or get loose throughout the day. Plus it's just super warm ^.^

Okay, number 3. Drape the scarf around your neck.

Tie a loose knot about halfway down.

Yeah...knot. Tie that thing.

And you could stop here, but you could also...

Tie a bow at the end!

It's super girly and flirty and I think it's just adorable

Have fun with your scarf! It's one of the best accessories for Winter and they're just so fun. Don't fear the scarf!

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