How to make a ribbon christmas tree card

How to make a ribbon christmas tree card

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I used A5 drawing block, it makes good card stock.

Tear out a piece of drawing block, and fold into half. Rub the creases down with a ruler. Fold over to the other side and repeat to get neater creases.

Measure out: one ribbon covering the card vertically...

Two ribbons covering semi mid-length (when measured from the centre of the card)...

Two ribbons covering mid-length...

And two last ribbons covering the edge of the card diagonally.

Glue all down. This *should* have been easy, except my craft glue was giving me problems.

Trim off any unsightly edges.

Add a star or any other shape which is large enough for the tree. Best if you are able to use super glue for this.

Add other decorative materials, or write your Christmas message.

Finished product! More card guides available on my profile.

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