How to make envelope gift bags

How to make envelope gift bags

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First we are going to take the envelope and lift up the flap.

The envelope shouldn't be too small, or else the gift bag will come out small too.

Close the flap and push down hard creating a permanent stick.

Use assorted markers, colored pencils, and/or stamps, to decorate BOTH SIDES of the envelope.

Now it is time to use the ruler, and scissors to score the envelope.

Once you are done scoring, it should look somewhat like this.

In this small area, I purposely scored too hard to show you the consequences. It is really no big deal. Don't freak out!! It happens!!!

Cut open the TOP to make an opening. Cut off ABOUT, or LESS that a millimeter.

Flatten the bottom and fold the two corners inward.

Use the hole puncher to punch two holes next to each other as you will see in the next picture.

Make them around an inch apart.

With the string you can tie a bow, or even have it in handbag form.

I hope everybody had fun and learned that you can do A LOT with an envelope!!! If there are any questions or suggestions, please tell me!!! Thanks!!!!

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