How to do a quick 5 min full body warm up

How to do a quick 5 min full body warm up

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Disclaimer: please consult with your physician before attempting any exercises.

If you are pressed for time, and need to get a quick workout in this is the perfect warm up for you. LET'S GET STARTED!!

Perform a push up. Make sure that your body is straight. Go all the way down, until your chest is 1-2 inches away from the floor.

Push yourself back and raise you hips, and perform a downward dog. Try to press your heels into the ground and make your chest as big as possible.

Come back to starting position and bring one foot all the way forward outside your hand. Squeeze the cheek of the leg that is NOT forward. You should feel a stretch in the trailing leg hip

Bring the elbow of the arm inside of the leg that is forward as close as possible to your ankle. You should feel a stretch on your groin area.

With the same arm reach as high as you can to the sky. You want to make a straight line from hand to hand across your shoulder blades.

Return to starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Once you have perfected the sequence of movements you can move through them quickly to raise your heart rate, and prepare yourself for more vigorous activity.

If you are unable to do the full push up you can modify it by going down to you knees. After the modified push up is complete proceed as usual.

Perform this sequence of movements for 5 min, resting as needed, and you should be ready to go! Have fun!