How to make the worlds best english gravy

How to make the worlds best english gravy

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Collect all your ingredients together and grab yourself a roasting tray. We're pretty much making roast vegetables for the first step. This will be our vegetable trivet.

The vegetable trivet and the juices from the meat you roast are the most important ingredients to getting this right!! Use quality meats and quality ingredients.

Preheat your oven to 200c, and roughly skin and chop up your your trivet ingredients

Once your done chopping put them into the roasting tray

Add salt, pepper and layer the bacon and any spare meat/bones. A few chicken wings here would be a decent addition. Remember this is all to create flavour, I drizzled honey on for roasting

Give it 45mins-1hr roasting time to allow all the flavour, tastes, and veg to soften and cook ready for the main gravy making process. This is the prep done!

Take the roasted veg out of the oven and transfer it into a large pan to begin the gravy making

Now mash all of the veg trivet up into a pulp whilst adding the flour, then stir in whilst on a medium heat

When you have finished mashing, add the alcohol to give flavour and allow to reduce

After reducing the alcohol add your chicken stock and bring to the boil making sure nothing sticks to the bottom

Now is a good time to add any additional juices from your meats!!

Simmer for 10mins then get a siv and a second pan and begin to siv the gravy off into the second pan. Really make sure you push the juices through with the ladle

As you continue to siv the gravy from the trivet you will get a great veg pulp which you can fry up with some gravy for lunch the next day

Now your gravy is ready, add salt and any extra red wine for flavour and keep on the heat ready for serving

If you like a thick gravy a good step is to add normal gravy granules to get a dark, rich colour and to thicken your mix up for serving

Finally serve, or freeze for when your ready to get this awesome gravy on the go!!

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