The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This $10,000 Toilet

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This $10,000 Toilet

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Tired of cleaning up after you've done your toilet business? Grossed out with the stuff that you have to scrub off on your routine toilet rota? Lo and behold, the Japanese have provided us with a $10,000 toilet that would give you a spa treatment and save you many undesirable toilet clean ups.

[Image Source: TOTO]

TOTO Washlets

The TOTO Washlets is a collection of high-end Japanese toilet bowl products which have been out since the 1980s. This is not a thing to be baffled about as the Japanese are known for their impeccable sense of hygiene. More than three decades later and they are still developing and improving their toilet bowl collection all in the name of hygiene.

$10,000 toilet bowl will be in stores later this spring

One of the newest toilet bowl models in their line of Washlets is the Nerorest AC which is a follow up to last year's version of Neorest EW. Let's have a look at the specs of the Neorest AC so you can gauge yourself around this $10,000 toilet bowl.

[Image Source: TOTO]

The bowl itself is coated with special zirconium coating which effectively eliminates waste and bacteria through the coating's hydrophilic properties. It has a UV light incorporated in the lid along with the zirconium coating that sparks a decomposition process which means you don't have to do the cleaning manually.

It cleverly cleans after itself and stays fresh and disinfected

Nerorest AC includes convenient features such as a lid that automatically close and open by means of a sensor, heated seats, a deodorizer to neutralize that smelly whiff and last but not least, a bottom dryer to finish off the whole job. All of these features are activated by a handy remote control. The Neorest Washlet AC is a bespoke piece of equipment and must be fitted properly in your bathroom.

[Image Source: TOTO]

To be honest, this is a well-glorified toilet bowl that is fitting for the mansions and palaces of very comfortable people and for a humble earthling like me, I can only admire the advanced technology of the Neorest AC. I think I'll stick to manual scrubbing and generous applications of disinfectants - you know, just to keep my feet on the ground and still maintain good hygiene. I would, however, gladly try one of these toilet bowls in any display exhibitions or bathroom conventions, just to test if they are true to their advertised extravagant features.

The Neorest AC should be available in stores later this spring.

Luxurious and environmentally friendly

"It's like going to the spa", said Amy Rubinger, TOTO Washlet assistant manager. Why indeed it is, it's a spa for your intimate organs basically. Which is not a bad thing and also, you wouldn't feel embarrassed as it is pretty much a self-operating spa procedure. TOTO said that "the company does promise the cleansing warm water massage will feel like a trip to another world". The manufacturers stated as well that you will save money and trees by using fewer toilet rolls with this technology.

[Image Source: TOTO]

[Image Source: TOTO]

[Image Source: TOTO]

How should I balance this out? Luxury, technological advancement and eco-friendly OR keep my savings, continue observing proper hygiene and stay a humble human?

Via TOTO Washlet AC

[Featured Image Source: TOTO USA Incorporated via YouTube]

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