20 Engineering Blunders You Won't Believe Are Real

20 Engineering Blunders You Won't Believe Are Real

1. Flying Cars

[Image Source: Imgur]

We've been waiting for flying cars for years now, this must be where they've been keeping them.

What was the actual plan here? a ramp? a lift? who knows.

2. Mind Your head

[Image Source: Drsnysvet]

This is a perfect example of 'measuring to fit'.

3. Adding Insult To Injury

[Image Source: Jiehua]

I'd say this is just plain inconsiderate.

4. Mystery Door

[Image Source: Crookedbrains]

Either someone made a 'booboo' or we have to solve the mystery of the vanishing staircase.

5. Just a Smidge to the Left...Perfect

[Image Source: Wiocha]

Surely the staircase had to be fitted after the building was constructed? At no point did he ask himself if something is just not right here.

6. Leap Of Faith

[Image Source: Drsnysvet]

This bridge can test anyone's long jump skills.

7. Fits Like a Glove

[Image Source: Catsmob]

Nothing a bit of Windex can't fix.

8. Toilet Humor

[Image Source: Nice-flowers]

Maybe I'll wait till I get home.

9. Disclaimer: Some Skill Required

[Image Source: Imgur]

Challenge accepted!

10. When Things Get Messy

[Image Source: Funlock]

Use this space saving technique when designing your new apartment.

11. #SquatGoals

[Image Source: Jiehua]

I must compliment them on their neat tile work.

12. Game of Thrones

[Image Source: Acidcow]

That's one way to feel like a king in your own home.

13. Too Close For Comfort

[Image Source: Crookedbrains]

"Would you mind scooting over a little"

14. Stage Fright

[Image Source: Drsnysvet]

"Nothing to see here, move along."

15. No Running

[Image Source: Southcn]

After years of trying to slow down pedestrians, The Road (and Sidewalk) Agency finally install their new "Stampede Impeders".

16. Go Around

[Image Source: Bayvoice]

The conversation probably went something like this:

"Do you think they'll notice?"

"Na, just throw some of these rocks around it so it blends in."

17. It Jumped in front of Me

[Image Source:Bayvoice]

The sign reads "Warning! Trees crossing".

18. Maintenance Issues

[Image Source: Bayvoice]

"There are heavy delays on the freeway as a result of ... erm... a sinking truck."

19. Nazi-esque

[Image Source: Ytmnd]

"I want you to construct this building as a symbol of hope"

"My.. what have you done?"

20. Time Flies

[Image Source: Bayvoice]

"Excuse me, do you have the time?"

"Yes, it's 9:79"

"Oh good, I don't want to be late for my 10 o'clock meeting"

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Written by Terry Berman

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