Transboard: The New Generation of Electric Scooter

Transboard: The New Generation of Electric Scooter

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The Transboard electric scooter looks to give users the safest ride imaginable. It's perfect for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly way to commute around town.

[Image courtesy of Transboard]

Built by Mercane Wheels, Transboard uses a double wishbone suspension for safe riding regardless of road surface. Its easily-folded structure allows for low-hassle transport.

No balance? No problem! The scooter includes a unique three-wheeled system, allowing for anyone to use it. Mercane Wheels said the scooter has a polycarbonate trim, a material perfect for shock absorption.

[Image courtesy of Transboard]

The scooter travels up to 20 mph for 20 miles on a single charge. It takes six hours to charge fully. Transboard boasts an aluminum alloy frame, making it lighter than most other scooters but sturdy enough to carry up to 220 pounds with ease. The scooter comes in at around 40 lbs.

The scooter's LED screen shows speed and power measurements. It also measures your trip's length and dozens of other factors. You can power up the Transboard easily and adjust the display to suit your needs. You can even put the scooter on cruise control. No need to worry with the LED screen while driving.

[Image courtesy of Transboard]

The Mercane Wheels company just started its Kickstarter campaign for the project. It hopes to raise $50,000 for these scooters.

For a "super early bird" pledge of $399, you get one Transboard, battery and charger. Miss the super early bird? Starting at $449, you can preorder a scooter in white or black, and get a battery and charger. The retail price of the scooter is listed at $1,250, so the Kickstarter promos are definitely a steal! According to the company's timeline, the scooters will start being delivered in March 2017.

[Image courtesy of Transboard]

You can visit the Mercane Wheels Corporate Website for information about other upcoming projects. You can also like them on Facebook to follow along with the Transboard's development.

Via Kickstarter

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