This Projector Has a Perfect Image on Any Screen

This Projector Has a Perfect Image on Any Screen

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[Image Courtesy of Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory/YouTube]

A team of researchers at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Tokyo designed a projector that can make the image work on absolutely any surface.

This includes moving or waving surfaces.

The technique, known as projection mapping, makes the image look like a sticker or printed onto the object being shown.

While the exact details haven't been released yet by researchers, we do know a few details about how it works. A camera sees a grid applied to the objects. It uses infra-red ink that can't be picked up by the human eye to track the movement of the object and see how it changes in real-time. For example, when the shirt blows in the wind (see above video), the projector compensates for that movement to perfectly match the surface.

[Image Courtesy of Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory/YouTube]

Could this technology be used in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? We sure hope so.

Via Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory

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