See the Internet's Best Reactions to Nintendo Switch

See the Internet's Best Reactions to Nintendo Switch

[Image Courtesy of Andrew Didio/Facebook]

Nintendo dropped a trailer for its new gaming console - the Switch. But leave it to the internet to leave nothing alone. Here are the best gifs, memes and snide remarks about the Nintendo Switch. Prepare yourself:

Beefy AND portable. We dig it. #NintendoSwitchpic.twitter.com/AyzYy1gWlz

— Arby's (@Arbys) October 20, 2016

#NintendoSwitch best feature: Not having to pause when pizza shows up.

— Pizza Hut Canada (@PizzaHutCanada) October 20, 2016

Sorry I was too busy lusting after the condo-dwelling leisure-class millenials and their possessions, what's the new Nintendo product again? pic.twitter.com/HKNa3KD187

— Paolo Pedercini (@molleindustria) October 20, 2016

Few thoughts on the Switch ad, save this: I hold trendy rooftop parties sacred. Don't bring your Nintendo. If you do, you'll answer to me.

— Impaylor Swift (@OwlsEatMice) October 20, 2016

So I just bought this Nintendo Switch from eBay and something just doesn't feel right about it pic.twitter.com/6MoOt1v46w

— Shigeru Miyamoto (@RealShigeruM) October 21, 2016

The new Nintendo is good because it lets you ignore your dog, who loves you more completely than anyone ever will, to play while at the park

— Patrick Monahan (@pattymo) October 20, 2016

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch #[email protected]://t.co/gEdeV36Yiepic.twitter.com/6QSUt4bQJ8

— LOLNEIN (@LOLNEIN) October 21, 2016

Introducing the new Nintendo Switch pic.twitter.com/K5qfvMQo3N

— Game Byte (@GameByte_) October 21, 2016

told my dad i wanted a nintendo switch and he brought home this ffs pic.twitter.com/XAwFUG7MPe

— Memes™ (@Drops) October 21, 2016

Well, it was fun while it lasted. #NintendoSwitch#NXpic.twitter.com/S57TwuReoQ

— Darts (@DartsEnthusiast) October 21, 2016

Nintendo switch … pic.twitter.com/NrxcMAq43l

— บพพ =) (@boompipat) October 21, 2016

#NintendoSwitch hype is happening (I never learn my lesson) pic.twitter.com/2WUUrNYJi3

— Swarley Underhill (@SwarleyU) October 21, 2016