Disney Reveals Bouncing, Flouncing 'Tigger' Robot

Disney Reveals Bouncing, Flouncing 'Tigger' Robot

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The wonderful thing about a Tigger robot is that it's the only one! Disney's research division designed a machine capable of hopping on one leg without support. The small bot can hop around 19 times before falling over.

Based out of Pittsburgh, Disney Research members on this project included Zachary Batts, Joohyung Kim, and Katsu Yamane. They said other one-legged robots aren't as portable or as balanced without a tether.

The team created a thrust-producing mechanism in the robot's leg called LEAP. The Linear Elastic Actuator in Parallel is an actuated prismatic joint to help stabilize the robot's weight.

Disney initially launched its latest robotics program in December 2015 with VertiGo, a wall-climbing robot. In May, Disney Research debuted robots that mimic the movements of its "master."


The company has yet to hint whether Tigger-bot would appear in fresh park animatronics or even a simple Tigger plush toy. Although, seven seconds definitely seems like all the lovable Tigger would be able to bounce before getting into some mischief. We can only hope to one day live Christopher Robin's dreams and play with our own functioning Tigger toys.

Via: Disney Research, The Verge

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