Tough, Fancy, and Recycled PaperBricks Furniture Made by Waste Papers

Tough, Fancy, and Recycled PaperBricks Furniture Made by Waste Papers

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Designer Woojai Lee likes to explore the hidden potentials of different materials. His latest project, PaperBricks, recycles paper into bricks and builds stylish furniture.

Eindhoven-based, New Zealander Woojai Lee goes beyond typical design by creating a way to save natural resources. Paper remains one of the most discarded materials in the world. Lee uses PaperBricks and build eco-friendly benches and coffee tables with normally wasted resources.

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

Lee said PaperBricks allow him to explore. He said he chose to explore the hidden potentials of paper.

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

In his technique, Woojai Lee mashes used newspapers and adds wood glue to give it a marbled look. When the material starts to dry, he molds the pulp into bricks. They look nearly as tough and convincing as their cement counterparts.

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

The shape of PaperBricks easily fits into modern decorating. They add a sleekness to the design of any room. Its marble-like texture offers a cool beauty to your space, while the colors give each brick a personality of its own.

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

The PaperBricks colors depend on the newspapers used. Palates can be easily blended with the rest of your furniture. They are also designed and produced in different sizes and shapes to build them up easily.

"Using the PaperBricks, the PaperBricks Pallet series were created to show how the bricks could be used constructively."

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

Lee said he likes drawing and sculpting as well. PaperBricks don't just serve as furniture for him. They're intimate scultures as well.

Eco-Friendly Style

Lee's works also remind us of some terrifying facts about paper waste. We can build a 12-foot-high wall of paper from New York to California, with all the paper we waste each year! That's nearly 2,500 miles (almost 4,000 km) of paper! Recycling just one ton of paper saves around 682.5 gallons of oil, 26,500 liters of water and 17 trees.

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

PaperBricks also prove that utilizing different materials to find new functions of them isn't that hard. Even if you aren't a designer or well-versed in eco-friendly products, you can still support them and save natural resources as well.

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

The longevity of PaperBricks hasn't been tested yet, so the product is recommended for indoor use right now. However, there are plenty of other sustainable materials that can be used outside!

[Image source: Woojai Lee/Facebook]

If you like PaperBricks designs, you can visit Lee's website here.

And if you are into the Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-Based Products, you can read and download the report of World Resources Institute here.

Via: Woojai Lee


Written by Tamar Melike Tegün

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