Colin Furze Builds One of the Most Impressive Sheds You Will Ever See

Colin Furze Builds One of the Most Impressive Sheds You Will Ever See

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Colin Furze is a crazy engineer who is also really creative and intelligent. He always finds economical and innovative DIY solutions to build something himself. In this video, Furze shows a way to build an awesome shed for less then you can buy it. According to him, there is no technical drawing for the shelter, so you can adapt it as you wish.


[Image Source: Colin Furze]

The first step is the substructure. After he decided on the size, Furze encloses the foundation in a perimeter of bricks to get the shed structure off of the ground.

Prepare the chops

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

After cutting the wood to the same length, Colin frames out the walls with the 2x4s and assembles the structure like you would for any wooden building.

Fix the corners

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

After the walls are up, he adds insulation and a protective plastic coating to keep moisture out and help the shed to last for years to come.

Shape roof

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

For the roof, Furze constructs the shape in a traditional center beam technique to allow for easy to manage water flow. He uses roofing metal sheets to protect the edges, and settles on creating a slate roof for the sturdy shed.

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

Patination oil

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

He uses patination oil to protect the lead sheet flashing from staining the other materials of the shed. Essentially, it is used to keep everything nice and clean.

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

As you can see in the video, the shed is constructed by ‘two and a half men’ in a few days. Obviously, it’s really easy to set up if you know some basic rules of the engineering. Just measure the boards, cut them all, screw, tack down sheeting and enjoy the process as you go.

[Image Source: Colin Furze]

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Written by Tamar Melike Tegün

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