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Find My Phone: Mini-Doc of What Happens to Your Phone After a Theft

December 27, 2016In an epic saga, one Dutch student recorded his exploits to retrieve his phone and documented it in a short filmed aptly titled & 34;Find My Phone.& 34;After a woman stole his iPhone, student Anthony van der Meer decided to see what actually happened to stolen phones. As a cinema student, van der Meer transformed a bad experience into a new experiment.
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NASA Asks World 'What Should We Do With Astronaut Poop?'

By Shelby RogersNovember 26, 2016Crap happens, even in space. However, NASA has no idea what to do with poop once it happens.NASA is offering a $30,000 to whoever can develop an idea for the poop problem. In a video posted to Vimeo, Astronaut Rick Mastracchio implores the public to help. Innovation challenge and prize platform HeroX partnered with NASA to promote the problem-solving competition.
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Civil Engineering

10 Coolest Bridges That Cross Borders

Who doesn& 39;t like bridges? They& 39;re so useful when it comes to cutting travel times or having to carry your car across water of course. Today we are not going to talk about records because we are here to find out the 10 coolest bridges that cross borders.It goes without saying that this list purely concentrates on ten handpicked bridges that cross borders, not the best, biggest, most expensive toll, etc.
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New Solar-Powered Water Purification System Could Save Millions

By Shelby RogersFebruary 05, 2017A piece of paper could offer an inexpensive revolutionary step to water purification. The raw materials for this solar still only cost about $2 per square meter. Image Source: University at Buffalo A research team from the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo campus developed the technology.
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Can You Solve This Problem Stumping the Internet?

By Shelby RogersOctober 29, 2016Maybe it& 39;s our tendency to overcomplicate things, but this problem should be a lot easier than it is. However, this photo continues to frustrate brilliant minds across the internet. The question has over 100 responses and counting on Quora, and they& 39;re not simply & 34;Number 3.
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